Bob Selby Heads to the Arctic Circle

Bob Selby is on a Coast Guard vessel just north of the Arctic Circle, taking part in the Coast Guard Art Program (yes, you read that correctly).

From Bob Selby via Josh Buck:

“I’m writing you from a couple of hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle.  We are currently on station standing off Barrow, Alaska in the Chuckchi Sea.  We have worked our way southward over the last few days.  At 41 degrees it is unusually warm today with very little ice right now.  Our mission is to move from one predetermined station to the next to allow the 44 scientists aboard to gather sediment and sea water for data and samples.  It is the unique cooperation between the military and scientific research that makes this mission and this specialized vessel noteworthy.  The Healy is the largest ship in the Coast Guard fleet and she is an Ice Breaker, but she was also designed and built to function as a research vessel.  My job is to capture a sense of the this work in an “artist’s sketchbook” for the Coast Guard Public Affairs office.  To my knowledge the sketchbook approach is new for the Coast Guard, but they seem to feel that it’s

We head north from here, back into the ice.  I’ve already seen whales, polar bears and tons of walrus.  And yes, I’ve got the school camera and I’m taking pictures, too.  Can’t wait to get further into the Arctic. The crew and scientists alike are great people.  I’m learning every day.
I should have a BS in Marine Science by the time I’m back, not to mention a commission in the Coast Guard!”

Additional Info:

The COGAP show at Coos Art Museum in Coos Bay, Oregon continues to enjoy press coverage.  Here’s a link to an article in a local newspaper with coverage devoted exclusively to the Coast Guard’s participation in the museum 20th annual maritime exhibition:

Coast Guard Public Affairs also issued a press release  on the exhibition with accompanying photos which can be accessed at

Also making news–or at least social media type news–is COGAP Artist Bob Selby who is currently underway on the Coast Guard Cutter Healy.  He is documenting–both visually and with blog posts–service members as they perform their missions and also scientists who are on board and involved in research activities.  Two of his blog posts can be accessed at the
links  below.  The artist’s deployment is being  financed by a grant from  Champlain College in Burlington, Vt., where the artist is a full time teacher.


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