CIPs Teaching Tips – Spring 2013 #9 “Reconnecting after the break…”

If you break something – a leg, a vase, a relationship… and you want to mend it, you need to reconnect. Bone to bone; ceramic piece to ceramic piece; estranged partner to estranged partner. These transitions back to “what was” aren’t always easy. Sometimes, especially in relationships, even when you prepare for a reconnection it doesn’t go the way you envisioned it would. Reminding yourself about the foundation your relationship is based upon can be extremely helpful during these transitional times.

Consider Spring Break. It was nice for us and for our students to have time away from schoolwork. Of course, some of us, (and believe it or not, some of our students), did nothing but work over break. Regardless of whether your break involved work, pleasure, or both, it is now time to reconnect. Let’s remind ourselves of one of the foundations of our relationship to our students:

We are here to help our students learn.

While it is true that if the students weren’t here, we wouldn’t have a job, they are not here for us. We are here for them. Post break is a good opportunity to refocus on the fact that our primary purpose is to help our students learn. To provide opportunities for them to discover new concepts. To create learning environments which stimulate their curiosity and deepen their understanding. To see them not as individuals who get in the way of our teaching but rather as the individuals we are committed to help learn.

Happy transitioning,


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