Digest: a journal of foodways and culture

Mike Lange is launching a new academic journal: Digest: a journal of foodways and culture at digest.champlain.edu.

The journal covers any scholarly work that deals with food, culture, and identity (in our Articles, Reviews, and/or Research Notes sections), as well as other pieces, such as photo essays, poetry, or heritage recipes (in our “Amuse Bouche” section). If you or someone you know does such work, please keep the journal in mind as an avenue for publication. We are peer-reviewed, our publication times are short, and (as Digest is the official journal of the American Folklore Society’s foodways section) we have academic legitimacy for those lines on the CV . I have informational cards with more details and contact information for the journal. I put a handful of the informational cards on the shelf in front of the Aiken mailboxes for Core folks. If anyone else across campus would like some, let me know. Please look them over, take one, give them to friends and colleagues. I have plenty of cards, so feel free to request one or more.

This journal is a collaborative effort with Memorial University in Newfoundland, Canada. The content work is done by the Folklore Department at MUN, while the technical and design work for the site is done by Champlain students. Thanks go to Emily Snyder, GDD ’12 for the site design, as well as to President Finney, who supports the journal by subsidizing server space and upkeep so that we can house the journal right here at Champlain.


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